• Speed Up PC

    Our Fix, Clean, and Repair program will speed up your PC by removing the clutter that is often found even once you delete programs, which will also enhance the performance

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  • Clean Malware

    Malware is often running in the background of your PC and you may not even realize. With FCR, all malware will be cleaned and removed, thus enhancing the PC’s performance.

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  • Registry Cleaner

    The registry of your PC holds all kinds of data, however, in many cases, the data being held is no longer needed and is in need of being cleaned and organized. FCR does that!

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  • Backup & Recover Files

    This vital tool will ensure if the terrible happens that you will have a backup of your registry and be able to restore your entire setup in a matter of minutes.

  • Junk Files Cleaner

    Junk files are inevitable, but with Fix, Clean, and Repair it only takes a push of a button to clean up these files and ensure the performance of your PC is top notch.

  • Disk Defragment

    As you download, install, and delete you are actually leaving gaps. With our disk fragment tool the data is squeezed together so the empty space is found faster and more efficiently.

  • Delete Broken Shortcuts

    Fix, Clean, and Repair even has a tool that will rid your PC of the broken shortcuts via this tool for faster performance, which boosts the speed of the PC at the same time.

  • Uninstall Manager

    This is a vital tool to ensure all programs you wish to uninstall will be completed removed from your PC without harming other programs with all components of the programs being removed instead of a few taken up space.

  • Startup Manager

    Make your computer boot faster by actively controlling programs that launch on startup.

Why use FixCleanRepair ?

The main reason is that you will never have to worrying about your computers performance again. Fix, Clean, and Repair stops the loss of the PC’s performance that is the root of a slower computer. The program offers features that will ensure you reverse any problems so you can regain any of the functions you may have lost quickly and effortlessly.

Fix, Clean, and Repair was created to provide one program that can diagnose as well as repair a wide array of system slowdowns and issues that might arise in the PC’s system. The best part of all is it only takes around two minutes.

  • Jake

    FixCleanRepair is easy to use!

    Fix, Clean, Repair did it all in just a couple of minutes. My computer was going so slow I could not turn a page and could not download a photo of my granddaughter. In only two minutes, my computer was running like new again. Thanks for a great program that I could use without any technical knowledge! I will tell all my friends about this easy to use program.

  • Marc

    FixCleanRepair Cleans your pc in seconds!

    I installed Fix, Clean, Repair and then while downloading an email, a virus attacked my computer. With this program, I clicked a button and restored all my files after the virus was gone. The best part of all is that I did not lose one piece of data, information, or photos. Thanks guys for an awesome program that saved the day.

  • Jake Davies
    CEO, MicroHard Tech

    FixCleanRepair speeds up your pc!

    I faithfully use Fix, Clean, Repair every week on my PC. My computer runs faster and better than ever. It only takes a couple of minutes per week for me to use the program and then I can enjoy playing games without worrying about a slow computer. For any gamers out there, this is the program you need to keep your PC ready for action.