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Build into four modules

About FixCleanRepair Software.

Looking for right cyber security solution?Fix Clean Repair was createdto be a multi tool,an all in one PC security and performance enhancing suite.

It offers a set of revolutionary tested utilities all housed in a convenient user-friendly interface. The software offers a total of Twenty one products split into four core modules; Antivirus, System boosting and PC Optimization, Performance enhancers and Privacy Protection.


Antivirus & Anti-Malware Solutions

Still worried about PC security? In the fast growing digital world, our proprietary Antivirus protection software keeps you proactively protected against Viruses, Malware, Spyware, Adware,Phishing sites and Ransomware. Our Antivirus platform offers a full protection solution against viruses both new threats and old and is compatible with all Windows versions.

Stay Relaxed! Our all-in-one Antivirus protection software will monitor your system in real time to keep you safe from current and future threatswhether it be Viruses, Malware, Adware, Spyware or PuPs.

System Boost & PC Optimization

Tired of a slow running PC, has your PC slowed down recently or is now under performing?  Don’t worry you can Enhance and optimize the performance of your PC with our System Boosting software. Take full advantage of it’s its built-in smart boost technology, this software will boost PC performance when the PC is left idle or is on hand for manual scans, allowing you to keep the PC in a fully optimized state 24/7.

Not only can you run a one click system boost our system and pc tools also remove duplicate files, fix and remove start-up applications, and clear junk files of unwanted programs in the click of a button.

Fix and Repair Performance Optimizer

Want to free up disk space to maximize PC speed!Our cleaning tools optimize PC performance.With only a click of mouse, our innovative technology and advanced programming tools will wipe out unused files, and reorganize the Windows registry to an optimal state, thus provide a smoother computing experience.

Enjoy a noticeably faster andrich PC experience with accelerated boot up times withFix Clean Repair.

Privacy Protection & Prevention

Protect your privacy and identity with the Privacy Protection module. Remove tracks and records of your online activity, browsing history, and chat records. Prevent advertisers from collecting your personal information, and permanently delete confidential files with our file shredder. Use the Homepage Protection and DNS Protection to avoid page hijackers and adware take-overs.

Protect your PC Today With Ultimate Antivirus!



Anti Ransomware

Fix Clean Repairs Anti-Ransomwaresoftware offers protection against 99% of ransomware. Our best-in-class endpoint protection is specifically designed to detect and remove ransomwarebefore any damage; blacklisting and stopping both unique and common ransomwarealgorithms.

 Once installed, Fix Clean Repairs Anti-Ransomware software safeguards your PC round the clock utilizing active protection procedurescoupled with notifications system and user-friendly alerts. Download it within minutes and active immediately to get maximum PC security.

Backup & Recover Files

Are you looking for a powerful and comprehensive backup and recovery files solution that enables you to perform incremental backups? Are you a user who forgets to backup important files, photos, and other data on your computer?

Without Fix Clean Repair this can be devastating if a virus attacks and starts deleting your files. With FixCleanRepair, this will never be a problem again!Fix Clean Repair will back up your files automatically and store them on your PC allowing you to restore the PC to a past state.

Start Up & Uninstall Manager

Can your PC run faster? Fix Clean Repairsfully featured uninstaller utility, goes one step ahead than the standard add/remove program that comes with your PC by  helping you completely clean up not only the application or software but also all their leftovers that are typically overlooked, freeing up the valuable space for new programs and software, and boosting the speed of your PCAll in all, it offers a user-friendly way to remove residual registry entries and unnecessary programs to create valuable memory space while keeping your system clean and trouble-free.Just express your preferences and be sureFix Clean Repair will leave no traces of useless apps.

Fix Clean Repairs Startup and Uninstall manger was developed to help users whosuffer from slow Windows start up speeds. The reason for slow start up speeds is the number ofautorun programs loading simultaneously within windows. They can even freeze your system if there are many different programs all starting up at the same time.  It’s the right time to lighten the extra load on your PC without rummaging through settings; Fix Clean Repair not only manages the programs but also allows the programs that are essential including the ones you wish to start up at the same time, will start up quickly and others will not start up until you want to use them. Get your digital life back on the fast track with our software.


Software That’s Built To Protect Your Entire Household


Clean Malware

All computers are subject to getting malware from time to time and Malwarecould be hiding in your PC working behind the scenes slowing down your computer. This Malware may even be providing others with your personal information and details, but with FixCleanRepair, you will no longer have to worry about these intrusive problems again.

FixCleanRepair will clean all existing malware that may be lurking on your system, including Trojan horses, Worms, Viruses, Scareware, Key loggers andmalicious Adware.Once activated Fix Clean Repair will protect your PC around the clock and in real time, preventing malware affecting your PC in the future.

You can find out more about Malware and how it affects your PC here https://www.fixcleanrepair.com/wp/blog/


Speed Up PC

FixCleanRepair will speed up your PC so you never have to worry about lagging while playing games, researching online, or even chatting with friends. No matter what you are doing online, an underperforming slow PC really affects your online and offline experience. Using FixCleanRepair, this problem will be a thing of the past. Your PC will be faster and run like new, allowing you to enjoy more time having fun instead of waiting for your computer to catch up loading pages.


Registry Cleaner

The registry of your computer is where the configuration settings and options are kept for your operating system. It is the location of settings used for device drivers, kernel, services, and your user interface. The registry can have issues that arise for a number of different reasons and needs cleaning from time to time. FixCleanRepair will clean the registry with only a click of the mouse to ensure your computer runs smoother and boots up quicker instead of running through old programs and start up programs you no longer wish to use. Once FixCleanRepair has cleaned up your registry, you will notice the huge difference immediately.

Junk Files Cleaner

Junk files can be anything from old programs you no longer use too programs that have been deleted (uninstalled) but have leftfragmentsremaining on your PC. FixCleanRepair will clean up unnecessary files from the system remove junk files,resolve system errors and free up vital disk space in the process.


As you install and uninstall programs, you are leaving blank spotsin your windows system disk. When your computer needs to perform tasks, it has togo through the entire disk in order to find the programs that it needs in order to perform the functions you require. The more gaps in the data the longer it will take to perform the functions you require. With FixCleanRepair, disk defragmenting will be easy, fast and smooth, the software will rearrange fragmented data so your disks and drives can work more efficiently in turn speeding up your PC.

Delete Broken Shortcuts

Just like fragmentation issues broken shortcuts occur due to installing, moving or uninstalling programs. Fix clean Repair will scan and delete broken shortcuts on programs that are no longer installed while its technology will fix target path locationsto valid paths on programs you still actively use.