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Plans Include Loads Of AMAZING EXTRAS!

Get your PC optimized and protected in one click

Make your PC work faster, boost up its performance, enjoy free hard disk space, safeguard your security & privacy, and control your PC for all activities and much more with Fix Clean Repairs in depth features.

All Features – No PC Suite Offers More!



Antivirus & Anti-Malware Solutions

Wanna free your digital world of viruses and malware? Our proprietary Antivirusprotection software keeps your PC, privacy, and irreplaceable files protected against the latest viruses, malware and other online threats. It offers a comprehensive and proactive safeguard to keep you ahead of cyber-attacks. Fix clean Repairs award winning Antivirus offers offer three PC protection shields; Antivirus, Anti-Adware, and Anti-Malware.

These allow us to protect your PC from all known viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans. With frequent automated database updates, we are always one step ahead.  Stay safe from current and future threats by using our all-in-one Antivirus protection software.


System Boost & PC Optimization

Do you frequently encounter slow PC working? Enhance and optimize the performance of your PC with our System Boost software. With its built-in smart boost, this software will boost PC performance when the PC is left idle, allowing you to keep the PC in a fully optimized state 24/7.

Remove duplicate files, fix and remove start-up applications, and clear junk files and unwanted programs in the click of a button.


Fix and Repair Performance Optimizer

There is nothing more frustrating than a sluggish computer! Our cleaning tools optimize CPU performance while blocking pop ups and wiping out annoying interruptions like unused and temporary files.

With only a click of mouse, it will clean the registry to ensure your PC runs faster and boots up within blink of an eye. You’ll enjoy noticeably smoother PC experience without any lag. So why not give it a try.


Privacy Protection & Prevention

Protect your privacy and identity with the Privacy Protection module. Remove tracks and records of your online activity, browsing history, and chat records. Prevent advertisers from collecting your personal information, and permanently delete confidential files with our file shredder.

Use the Homepage Protection and DNS Protection to avoid page hijackers and adware take-overs.  Download our software today to enjoy maximum protection.


Ransomware Protection

Randomware is the number one concern on a number of users minds, file lockers and cryptolockers are on the raise. Fix Clean Repairs Anti-Ransomware software is specially designed all-in-one utility to protect against new ransomware by detecting, stoppingand removing both the unique and common ransomware from encrypting your important files.

. Fix Clean Repairs Anti-Ransomware software safeguards your system round the clock utilizing active protection algorithms coupled with notifications system and user-friendly alerts.